Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is offering Outreach Services, including education, referrals, HIV, STD and pregnancy testing at the HSU Student Heath Center. A clinician is present to supply Emergency Contraception and all hormonal birth control methods such as the patch (Evra), pills, the ring (Nuvaring), and the shot (Depo Provera). Supplies for STD and pregnancy prevention will also be available. Services offered to both men and women are confidential at no or low cost, depending on income eligibility. Discussions and services take place in a private room. They are there to help with all your reproductive needs.

Planned Parenthood Outreach Services will be on campus (when school is in session) every WEDNESDAY from 1:00-4:30 at the Jolly Giant Commons on the Mezzanine floor in the "Moonstone" room.

Services Include

  • Birth Control (The Pill, The Patch, The Ring, The Shot)
  • Emergency Contraception (The Morning-After Pill)
  • Pregnancy Testing and Options Education
  • Chlamydia Testing and Treatment
  • HIV Testing
  • Education and Referrals
  • Condoms and Supplies
  • Sign Up For FPACT Health Access Card