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Photo of CAPS staff at SHC

CAPS staff at SHC

Our professional staff generally consists of 10 full-time professional clinicians, 3 post-graduate residents, and several practicum students.  Much of our agency's ability to provide brief psychotherapy to the student population is due to the presence on our staff of therapists in training.

Our post-graduate residents have completed their graduate level coursework in clinical or counseling psychology. They are currently accumulating the field experience necessary for licensure as professional mental health pratcitoners (e.g., psychologists or marriage and family therapists).

CAPS serves as a practicum site for students completing their master's degrees in Counseling Psychology at HSU. Their experience at CAPS counts toward the completion of their master's degrees. Our practicum program is coordinated by Johneen Manno, LPC.

CAPS Practicum Trainees in 2018, BSS Location:


All unlicensed clinicians work under the supervision of licensed therapists on staff.

Our Training Director, Dr. Shane Calhoun coordinates all postgraduate resident supervision, and our Practicum Coordinator, Johneen Manno, coordinates the supervision of practicum students. 

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Mission Statement

The members of Counseling and Psychological Services strive to enhance the academic environment of the university by promoting the well being of Humboldt State University students, offering a range of services that include counseling, consultation, outreach, research, education, and the training of new professionals. Counseling services are offered with recognition and appreciation of each student’s individual and unique personality.  We strive to create and maintain an environment that is warm and welcoming, values diversity and difference, provides a feeling of safety, and promotes intellectual and emotional growth while fostering personal and social learning and development.  Additionally, we aspire to be a highly visible and appreciated member of the broader university community by serving the campus outside of our offices and being accessible to all facets of university life.  We view our mission as being one of mental health promotion (through education and outreach) as well as the treatment and care of mental health problems (through counseling, consultation, and referral).  We believe we play an important role in helping to create a campus climate that fosters emotional, psychological, intellectual, and interpersonal growth.