Parents & Family Members


Dear Parents and Family Members of Cal Poly Humboldt Students,

Welcome to the Humboldt community. We are here to provide basic medical and mental health services to your student and our goal is to support your student's health and wellbeing so they can succeed at Humboldt. To that end, there are a few things we would like to bring to your attention; particularly long-term physical and mental health conditions.

Long-term physical and mental health conditions are best managed by a Primary Care Provider (PCP). For a variety of reasons, the healthcare providers at Student Health and Counseling (SHC) are not able to be PCPs. If your student has long-term physical or mental health conditions, our recommendations include:

Check with your student’s current healthcare provider/s regarding continuing care from a distance (with visits over school breaks). Our lab and pharmacy can accept faxed lab orders and prescriptions at (707) 826-5042. If this is not possible, please check into the following:

  • Check with your student’s health insurance carrier to make sure your student will have coverage in Humboldt County. Insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is county-specific and switching counties can take several weeks.
  • Research local healthcare options in Humboldt County and set up an appointment to establish care with a Primary Care Provider. Keep in mind that Humboldt County is a rural, medically underserved area, so Primary Care Providers, as well as some medical specialists, are in short supply, not accepting new patients, or not available at all. It is not unusual for it to take several months to get a first appointment, so please plan accordingly. Here is a Local clinic list and a list of local mental health providers.
  • If your student is currently taking medications, please work in cooperation with their current healthcare provider to make sure an adequate supply of medication is available to make it through the “transition period.”

Please keep in mind that mental health problems often begin or worsen during late teens and early adulthood, including during college. At Humboldt, and at campuses across the nation, the number of students arriving on campus needing some type of psychological assistance has been on the rise for many years. If your student does not have a local Primary Care Provider and develops mental health problems while at Humboldt, our providers can assess them, make necessary referrals, and start medications if appropriate. If you notice that your student is having difficulties, please encourage reaching out for help. We have a variety of services to assist students. Please review the following websites for more information:

Student Health: Services & Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services

Health Education & Wellness

Student Disability & Resource Center

Please call if you have any additional questions (Medical: 707-826-3146; Counseling & Psychological Services: 707-826-3236; Health Education 707.826.5234).

We wish your student health, wellbeing, and success at Humboldt.


The Humboldt Student Health & Wellbeing Services staff


Frequently Asked Questions from Parents & Family Members

What types of medical services are offered at Student Health and Counseling (SHC)?

Our accredited health center provides basic services at no cost to the student. These services include doctor/nurse visits and referrals. Additional charges may apply for augmented services, such as x-rays, lab work and pharmaceuticals. These charges are applied to the student’s account as we do not accept cash or credit cards. See “Charges/Fees”


My student already has health insurance; do we still need to pay the health fee?

Yes. The Health Services fee is a mandatory fee, paid as part of tuition, which provides services to all enrolled students.


Can the SHC bill my insurance?

We do not bill insurance. Please check with your insurance company to identify providers in Humboldt County who accept your insurance.


Can parents discuss students' medical or mental health problems or care with SHC providers?

Since students 18 years or older are adults under the law, they have control over what and with whom their health care can be discussed. In all but the most dire situations (such as those in which the student's life or well being are under serious threat), we will need to have verbal or written permission from the student before providers can discuss their health care with anyone who is not another health professional involved in their care.


Since my student has access to the services at the SHC, do you recommend I cancel his/her health insurance?

No. We recommend that students maintain health insurance coverage for emergency or specialty care services.


My student does not have health insurance. Do you sell student health insurance?

Humboldt does not require nor sell insurance. However, it is important for students to have insurance coverage for emergency and specialty care services. Many CSU students and their families may be eligible for financial assistance in purchasing health insurance. In California, the exchange for health insurance is called Covered California, an online marketplace for affordable health insurance. Individuals and families may qualify for financial assistance in paying the costs of health insurance coverage. More information can be found at or


Can family members use the SHC?

No, only enrolled students may use the center.  But we are happy to consult with family members who wish to seek advice in supporting their students.


What immunization records are required and how are they submitted?

The CSU system requires new and readmitted students born on or after January 1, 1957 to present proof of immunity to measles and rubella, or be immunized. Students under the age of 19 also need to show proof of immunity to the Hepatitis B virus prior to their second semester at Humboldt. Submissions are done by fax (707-826-5042), mailed or dropped off (not emailed). Please note that, even if immunization records were provided to Admissions as part of the transcripts, the immunizations records need to be filed separately with the health center. A hold will be placed on your student’s ability to register for classes unless the health center receives copies of their immunization records.


Does the SHC offer after-hour and/or weekend services?

The SHC is open on weekdays. We also have counselors available for emotional/psychological difficulties at (707) 826-3236. Both of these services are free to students. 


What happens if there is a medical emergency?

For any serious medical emergencies the student should call 911. If a student is seen at the SHC and it is determined that they have a condition that requires emergency care, we will help coordinate their transfer to a local hospital Emergency Department. Students can also visit Redwood Urgent Care in Eureka, or one of the local Emergency Departments.


Does the SHC offer services during the summer months?

No, the Center is only open during the academic school year (click here for hours).


Can my student use health services at other CSU campuses?

Yes, students who are eligible for health services at Humboldt are also eligible for basic services at all other CSU campuses at no additional cost.


Where is the closest Kaiser facility?

The closest Kaiser facility is four hours (225 miles) south of Arcata in the city of Santa Rosa. Kaiser will cover only emergency department visits in Humboldt County. You may call Kaiser for authorization to be seen at Redwood Urgent Care in Eureka instead of going to the ER for a non-life threatening and non-emergent medical condition.


Where is the closest pharmacy?

SHC has its own pharmacy and prescriptions may be filled there or at an outside pharmacy (two are within walking distance). Our pharmacy will also fill prescriptions from outside physicians. Pharmacy charges are applied to the student’s account.


Does medical providers of the SHC follow chronic medical conditions?

Ongoing care is beyond our scope of practice so students with these types of needs will be referred to local primary care providers or specialists. Please discuss long-term care with your Primary Care Provider, and research providers in the Humboldt County area who handle your student’s special needs.


Does the SHC accept Family PACT (the “teal card”)?

Yes. However, as Family PACT services and rules on eligibility frequently change, check with a member of our staff or your Primary Care Provider to see what changes may apply to your student.


How does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect services at SHC?

SHC will continue to offer basic and augmented services to students. However, some augmented services that will be billed by our medical division, such as immunizations, physical therapy, lab work and x-rays, may be provided at no cost by your Primary Care Provider. Whenever possible, SHC recommends the student see their Primary Care Provider to utilize their ACA benefits.



  • Providers on staff at SHC cannot be designated as the student’s Medi-Cal Primary Care Provider
  • Medi-Cal services are county-specific and switching counties can take several weeks