Medi-Cal Insurance

Below, you will find information on: eligibility for Medi-Cal Insurance; benefits and coverage; & how to apply...


Medi-Cal Flyer



What is Medi-Cal?  Some helpful informational and navigation tips: HERE

People living in California may qualify for Medi-Cal regardless of age or immigration status if they meet the income eligibility requirements.  The use of Medi-Cal will not hurt your immigration case and it does not count for "public charge."

Starting January 1, 2024, assets will not impact your application or renewal for Medi-Cal.  Income (not assets) will be considered.

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Click on this Booklet about Medi-Cal which covers: Health Coverage in California, How to Apply, How to Use your Medi-Cal Benefits, Specifics on Medi-Cal Covered Benetits and more...