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Your donation can be directed to support our Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs to help students access nutritious low cost/free food, our Overcoming Health Barriers to Graduation Crisis Fund that helps those with unforeseen medical needs (that require external referrals) continue on the path towards graduation, &/or our Wellbeing Matters Fund that serves to increase and/or enhance medical and counseling services within SHWS for current Cal Poly students. 

 Wellbeing Matters

Donations to this fund will be used to increase and/or enhance medical and counseling services at our campus’ Student Health and Wellbeing Services department.  For example, funds will be used to: hire temporary medical or mental health providers during challenging times, purchase innovative technology or equipment that will enhance clinical care, develop new areas of expertise on staff through professional development opportunities, and so on.  Unlike the “Overcoming Health Barriers to Graduation” fund, which generally helps students access off-campus health care, donations to this account support medical and mental health care on-site at SHWS.

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Overcoming Health Barriers Fund

We all know life can get tough. Unexpected things happen. And, even the most dedicated, hardworking student can be struck by unforeseen medical issues. Unfortunately, when this happens, students who need more than a few counseling sessions to get through a really hard episode of anxiety or depression, or the unlucky few who need to see a specialist medical provider in the community because of a scary diagnosis, simply can't. Even for those with insurance, the co-pays are often an insurmountable barrier, public transportation isn't available where/when it's needed, or the limited number of specialists in our rural community makes it impossible find a local provider with the right training. As a result, students are forced to leave university -- a problem that could be fixed sometimes with as little as $20 for a co-pay or $10 for a taxi ride. Health and Wellbeing services are a true force-multiplier, supporting student graduation and this fund increases student success through access to well-trained physical/mental health treatment and prevention resources, helping students overcome unexpected health barriers on the way to graduation.

This fund is used to support student success by increasing access to well-trained physical and mental health treatment and prevention services, including assisting with the costs of provider visits, financial gaps to treatment like co-pays or other out-of-pocket costs associated with short-term health care, prevention efforts, emergency basic needs, provider recommended evaluations, developing specialized provider competency, best practices training or other professional development, transportation related to student medical visits or leave of absence, or other short-term basic health needs as recommended by a licensed provider.

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Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs

Oh Snap Student Food Programs is a student driven health education resource to help students get access to nutritious low cost/free food, and is dedicated to ending student hunger. We offer free nonperishable food, Calfresh application support, nutrition and cooking education, fresh farm stand, gardening classes, food reclamation, and our new pop up thrift store.  All Oh Snap services are located in the Recreation and Wellness Building room 122.  Follow @hsuohsnap on Instagram to stay updated!

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