Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS Services Include:

Psychological assessment, short term individual and couples counseling, groups and workshops, information and referral, crisis intervention, outreach, psychoeducation, and consultation.

CAPS keeps a calendar of upcoming drop-in groups and outreach events.  If interested, click the link: CALENDAR.

Information about our Counseling Services

Intake Session 

If this is your first time coming to CAPS in the current academic year, you will meet with a therapist for an intake session. This 45-minute session helps the therapist get to know you and your concerns. At the end of the session, the two of you will determine the best course of action, including the possibility of individual, couples, or group counseling at CAPS or pursuing counseling services elsewhere. Sometimes all that is desired or needed is 1-3 sessions to to process, problem-solve, and learn about useful tools and resources. We are pleased to announce that we now have a 3 week 1-hour skills-based workshop series that will address the needs of many of our students. Your intake therapist will advise you if this seems like the right "fit."

The initial intake session can be scheduled by phone or in person. You will have intake forms to complete prior to your appointment so please be sure to arrive 20-30 minutes before you are scheduled to meet with a therapist.

"Let's Talk" Consultation 

If you are not interested in ongoing therapy and you are not in crisis, you may want to come talk to a therapist more informally for a single session. This session is designed to provide some immediate help for an acute (non-emergency) issue. Paperwork is minimal and the session will be more solution-focused in terms of content. Let's Talk consultations are available through our office at the JGC.  You may schedule a session through the CAPS main office.  Note that if on-going services at CAPS are recommended, you will still need to schedule and complete a regular intake appointment before participation in therapy.

Crisis Services

If you are in crisis at the time you come in to CAPS, you should ask to meet with the crisis therapist rather than scheduling an appointment.

Generally, a crisis entails one or more of the following:

  1. Having experienced a recent physical or sexual assault or another signficiant trauma.
  2. Your life is currently in danger (for example, due to domestic violence, recent homelessness, alcohol or other drug withdrawal).
  3. Having intention or plans of hurting or killing yourself or someone else. (Or concern about someone else's suicidal thoughts or behaviors).
  4. Losing touch with reality or having otherwise disturbing experiences or behaviors (such as hearing or seeing things that others do not).

On-going Counseling Sessions 

If it has been determined that on-going services at CAPS is the right course of action, you will arrange the specifics of this plan with the intake therapist. CAPS provides on-going couseling services through a number of modalities: individual, couples, and group formats. If indiviual or couples therapy at CAPS is recommended, there may be a short wait for these ongoing appointments (depending on the time of year and the level of demand on CAPS services).

Group Therapy

Group themes and times vary, please see the listing of Groups and Workshops for information. To get further information about a group, please contact the group leader(s). To sign up for some of our groups you will need to schedule an assessment appointment with the leader of the therapy group of interest. Our receptionist can help to get this scheduled.

Unfortunately, Counseling Services Are NOT Available To:

    • Extension Students (other than IELI students)
    • Over 60 Program Students
    • College of the Redwoods Students
    • Veterans Upward Bound Students

If you belong to one of the above groups and would like assistance in determining the resources that would best meet your needs, we would be happy to help. Call us for information.

Useful Self-Help Resources and Tools:

Link: CAPS Self-Help Resources

(books, websites, etc.)

Link: CAPS Self-Help Prezis

Link: CAPS Self-Help Apps

Link: Suicide: Get Help Now

Link: Online Self-Assessment