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A registered nurse is available for preventive care, triage and urgent care for a wide range of illnesses and injuries including:

  • emergency contraception,
  • birth control consultation,
  • pregnancy testing,
  • screening for sexually transmitted infections,
  • self-care advice for cold, sore throat and flu symptoms,
  • scabies exposure,
  • wound care,
  • lice evaluation and treatment, and
  • immunization recommendations.

Many of these services can be provided by scheduling an appointment with the nurse (707) 826-3146. 

Let’s talk about Birth Control

The Student Health Center can provide all methods of contraception, including those that are Long Acting and Reversible (LARC) methods. A Registered Nurse will discuss the various contraceptive options with you and help you determine and obtain the best method for you.

To get the most out of your appointment, please review the information on the various methods prior to your visit.

Let's Talk About Birth Control
Method Match

Need more information about birth control?

To schedule a nursing consult, call (707) 826-3146.