Chia Chen, MD

Medical Director

I left Southern California and joined our local community in 1998 and have been practicing in areas of Family Medicine, Urgent Care Medicine, College Health and Aesthetic Medicine. After residency training at UC Irvine, I worked at  K'ima:w Medical Center of the Hoopa Valley Tribe and decided to make a home here in Humboldt County. 
I am proud to have been a first-generation child immigrant, and am profoundly affected by the experiences of dislocation, relocation, alienation and acceptance; it is the major reason that I maintained and cultivated a lifelong interest in the study of material cultures, art history and languages. My most recent cultural adventure was studying abroad in Nantes, France with our Department of World Languages and Culture in 2018. 
I have either worked or studied on campus since 2013, and I hope, through my current role here at our University’s Student Health and Wellbeing Services, my personal experiences and professional training will contribute to the healing, comfort, hope and collective joy of our campus community as we recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic and face new challenges together. 
Chia Chen, MD
SHC, 1st Floor