Natalie Treacy

Health Educator


Natalie has been active in health education advocacy for over 15 years. They have worked in a variety of health care settings and bring complex understandingsĀ of social justice issues, harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and compassion to this line of work.

Areas of Interest: 
*Analyzing and removing barriers to folx accessing equitable health care.
*Community building.
Liaison Roles and Committee Memberships: 
Gender Diversity Task Force; Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Committee; Sexual Assault Prevention Committee; Student Health Advisory Committee. 
B.A. in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Multicultural Queer Studies, 2013
Favorite professional and self-help books: 

Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto, by Tricia Hersey

Natalie Treacy
Recreation and Wellness