Pregnancy Options

Student Health Services provides free pregnancy testing, as well as consultation and counseling on both pregnancy and abortion options.  Please call us to arrange.  

We provide medication based abortions (MAB) for those who choose to pursue this option. 


MAB is available to pregnant students who are within 70 days from the last menstrual period or up to 10 weeks gestation.

How to get started:

Call us at 707.826.3146 to schedule a pregnancy test, or if you have already confirmed pregnancy, you can ask to speak with one of our medical providers (if available) or schedule a consultation.  

Once pregnancy is confirmed, you will be scheduled an appointment to meet with a provider in person.  

What to expect:

After confirmation of pregnancy and consultation with a medical provider, you will be scheduled an appointment at Student Health & Counseling to start the process.  Immediately after your appointment is scheduled, you will receive MAB instructions through a secure message in your student health portal.  Please make sure to read this material and be prepared to ask your provider any questions you might have at the time of your appointment. At the time of your appointment, you will be provided with a guide to, and prescription for, the medication.  You will take the first medication during your appointment.  You will then take the second medication 24 to 48 hours later.  You will also be given a "care bag" with supplies. You can expect to have a follow-up appointment (which will include some lab work) 4-5 days later.


For a limited time, we are able to offer the service at a reduced cost due to current private grant funding.  Call the Health Center for more information: 707-826-3146.











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