SHWS Statement on Social Justice

Intersecting oppressive forces such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and anti-immigration movements have long been present in American society.  Currently highlighted in our current times is the momentum being gained by the Black Lives Matter movement as a result of the highly publicized videos of police violence against black community members.  We anxiously awaited the supreme court ruling on DACA, and are relieved and pleased by the outcome.  We are living in difficult times, and the rhetoric of hate and/or indifference, whether voiced by government officials or a neighbor down the street, can have an adverse effect on all people, and particularly people from these margnizlized groups.  It is necessary for our office to state our commitment to social and environmental justice and to creating a world without systemic injustice and violence. We are dedicated to creating an environment where those who have experienced marginalization can feel validated, seen and heard, and belong. Black Lives Matter.

The Staff of Health & Wellbeing Services -- including our medical staff, counseling and psychological services team (CAPS), and professional and peer health educators are all dedicated to providing support to all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, size, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or nationality. We encourage our community to engage in active reflection to identify the ways in which each of us may (even unconsciously) be contributing to the marginalization of others and to engage in active anti-oppression action that will challenge and change our community. 

In order to better serve ALL our students we have built a FAQ for DACA students and undocumented students who might have questions about how to access our resources. It can be found here.