Specialty Care Referrals

NurseWhen a student needs care beyond the scope of the Student Health Center, providers can initiate referrals for more advanced testing or consultation with a specialist. The student will be responsible for all medical costs associated with the referral. Please note that in Humboldt County some medical specialists are in short supply, not accepting new patients, or not available at all, so at times a student will have to wait until they are home.

Please note that some insurance carriers require that a Primary Care Provider (PCP) initiate any referrals(ie: Partnership Health Plan).  Healthcare providers at the Student Health Center are not able to be PCPs. Check with your insurance to find out who your PCP is.

At the Student Health Center, the referral process works as follows:

  • The healthcare provider initiates the referral in the electronic medical record.
  • The referral coordinator (at the front office of the Student Health Center) receives the referral.
  • The student meets with the referral coordinator to review insurance and discuss the details of the referral process. Note: This step is required. If you do not meet with the referral coordinator, the referral will not be completed.
  • The referral coordinator faxes the referral to the appropriate specialist or hospital.
  • After the specialist reviews the referral (in some cases this can take a week or more), they will contact the patient to schedule. If you have not heard from the specialist in what you feel is a timely manner, please call them to schedule.

Please call our referral coordinator if you have particular questions about your referral (826-5040).

Frequently Asked Questions about Specialty Care Referrals

What happens if I decide I don’t want the referral after it is already initiated?

If you decide you don’t want the referral, please contact the referral coordinator at the Student Health Center (826-5040) AND contact the specialist to whom you were referred. If you already have an appointment scheduled with the specialist, it is very important that you contact them and cancel the appointment.


Will my insurance cover the cost of the specialist?

You will need to contact your insurance carrier to determine what is covered.