Student Health Advisory Committee

Committee Description:

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC is a campus group made up primarily of students that serves an advisory, liaison, and outreach function between students,the Student Health Center, and the campus Administration. The goal of the SHAC is to assist in promoting the general health and well being of the HSU students, including facilitating, publicizing, and improving Student Health Center services. To this end, SHAC periodically obtains and evaluates information regarding the health concerns and health care needs of students, including Student Health Center programs and policies and utilizes this information in making recommendations to the campus and the Health Center. SHAC advises and makes recommendations on the scope of service, hours of operation, fee for service charges, mandatory health fee levels and annual budgeting, alternative revenue sources and periodic independent audits.

Chair: A chair is elected by the committee out of the student membership.
Type: Administrative
Meetings: As needed


A.S. Legislative Vice President (or designee)
2 students appointed by A.S. President
1 student appointed by A.S. Administrative Vice President
2 students appointed by A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
1 staff member from Residential Life
Student Health Center Director
1 Staff member from the Student Health Center (nonvoting)
1 provider from the Student Health Center
1 member of the General Faculty
Voting Student Members are appointed by the Associated Students, although
general membership is open to all HSU students.


Current Committee:

Position:Name:Contact Info:
A.S. Legislative Vice PresidentPaola
Appointed by A.S. PresidentMichael
Appointed by A.S. PresidentVacant
Appointed by A.S. Administrative Vice PresidentVacant
Appointed by A.S. Student Affairs Vice PresidentVacant
Reslife Staff Member
Student Health Center Executive DirectorBrian
Student Health Center Staff Member (nonvoting)Ravin
Student Health Center ProviderDr. Karen Selin
General Faculty
General Member - RHA RepDaniel


For more information and meeting times please contact A calendar of Health and Wellbeing events can be found here.

Most recent meeting minutes: