Travel Immunizations

InjectionThe Student Health Center offers a variety of immunizations for travel and to help prevent diseases which might interfere with your academic program or impact your overall health. 

Travel Consult Instructions

  1. Locate and make copies of all of your past immunizations.
  2. Check records to see if you are up to date on routine immunizations such as flu, tetanus, measles described at travel/page/routine-vaccines
  3. If you are not up to date on routine immunizations, arrange to get these vaccines at your regular health care provider, pharmacy or the Student health Center. You can make an appointment with a registered nurse for these vaccines at the student health center for a fee.
  4. Download and read CDC information for your destination at
  5. Download and read Travel Tips, Food and Water Safety, Bug bites etc at
  6. Complete travel history form.
  7. Turn in travel history form with your immunization records and printed CDC recommendations at the student health center front desk and an RN will contact you to schedule a consultation.
  8. A twenty-five dollar charge will be billed to your student account for your consultation and additional fees will be charged for immunizations and medications prescribed.

Vaccines available at the Student Health Center:

More details about “meningitis vaccines”

Meningitis vaccines current status (9/15)

  • Meningitis is an infection of the membranes and fluid which surround the brain and spinal cord.
  • Meningitis can be fatal.
  • Various organisms can cause meningitis, including several bacteria (treated with antibiotics) and viruses, occasionally other organisms.
  • A family of bacteria called meningococcus is especially severe, and famously can cause outbreaks of disease in young adults living in close quarters, such as residence halls, barracks, prisons, etc.
  • In the past, most outbreaks were caused by Type A or E meningococcus.
  • Menactra, which protects against meningococcus A and C, is available and is recommended by infectious disease experts for prevention of meningococcus in college students entering residence halls.
  • In the last few years, however, outbreaks of meningococcal meningitis on college campuses have been due to Type B meningococcus, which is not contained in the Menactra vaccine.
  • Two new vaccines which do offer meningococcus B protection have recently been approved for use, although recommendations do not yet exist that they be routinely given to college students.
  • At Humboldt, we offer the meningitis B vaccine, Bexsero, on an individual basis.
  • We can order one dose at a time for students interested in getting it (it's a series of two shots a month apart), though it is expensive ($120/shot). Let us know if you want to get Bexsero, with or without Menactra.


  • Typhoid: Recommended for students traveling to some countries. Please request an appointment by calling (707) 826-3146. Additional charge may be applied;
  • Some vaccines may be available for individual ordering, such as Meningococcus B or Rabies. Please inquire at the Health Center.

 Price list for SHC vaccinations

 If done at the Student Health Center, you will be charged a fee as we do not bill insurance.  If you have insurance you may be able to get recommended vaccinations through retail pharmacies at no or low cost. 

The Public Health Department of Humboldt County, Eureka

The Public Health Department has a variety of travel immunizations available by appointment.

Phone: 707-268-2108 Call for appointments

Public Health Department Immunization Price List 

Local Pharmacies:

Vaccinations are also available at local pharmacies and they are able to bill insurance.  Insurance coverage for travel vaccinations varies widely.  Consult your local pharmacy for more details.