X-Ray Services

The Student Health Center X-Ray department provides all general radiographic exams including:

  • Extremities (upper and lower)
  • Spine (complete)
  • Chest and ribs
  • Skull (sinuses, facial, etc.)
  • Abdomen

All X-rays are sent out for a radiologist to read.

Each x-ray exam costs $25 and will be billed to your student account.  No payment is necessary at the time of service.  This fee covers the reading by a radiologist.

If you need additional imaging (ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, etc.), you may be referred to the community, such as Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata or Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.  You will be responsible for all costs.  Our referral coordinator will work with students to determine if your insurance will cover imaging services in the community prior to sending these referrals.

X-Ray Hours

1-4:15 pm Monday through Friday

Frequently Asked Questions about X-ray Services

How much is an x-ray?

The x-ray process itself is free. $25 is billed to your student account to cover the reading by a radiologist. Each x-ray exam costs $25 and will be billed to your student account. No payment is necessary at the time of service.


Will I find out the results right away?

Your provider will take an initial look at the x-rays for a preliminary reading the same day. The x-rays will be sent to a radiologist for the “official” reading which is generally back the following day.


Can I get a copy of my x-ray?

Yes, the image can be burned to a disc for you upon request.


Should I be concerned about the amount of radiation I’m getting?

No. First, the light rays are “collimated” which means they run parallel and therefore the spread of light is minimal. Secondly, you will be wearing protective shielding. For these reasons, x-ray exposure is limited. The radiation exposure from one chest x-ray is roughly equivalent to the amount one experiences from natural surroundings in 10 days.