Accidents & Injuries

Injuries are the leading cause of death among young people under the age of 44 and most injuries are preventable (CDC). Providers at the HSU Student Health Center can diagnose and treat various injuries such as cuts, bruises, sprains/strains, broken bones, and head injuries. Complex injuries will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

We have a Physical Therapist who is available on a limited consultation basis by referral from the Student Health Center. Depending on insurance, referrals can be made to local Physical Therapists.

Wellness Toolkit

Tips for Preventing Injuries

• Always wear a seat belt in a moving vehicle.

• Always wear a helmet when riding a bike, skate board, or skates. Use other protective gear, such as wrist, knee, and elbow guards.

• Never drive or let others drive after using alcohol or other drugs.

• Don’t drive while distracted (don’t text or talk on the phone).   

Head Injuries

What is a concussion?

The North Coast Concussion Program at HSU is a resource for concussion information, management, and prevention. 

Ankle Sprains

Low Back Pain

Common Running Injuries


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Frequently Asked Questions about Accidents & Injuries

Can I get crutches at the Student Health Center?

Yes, we have crutches and canes for rent. Your student account will be charged a deposit when you check them out, and the charge is reversed (except for a $5 rental fee) when they're returned in good condition.


I have an injury and need help getting around campus.

The Student Disability Resource Center has a tram service to help transport students with mobility issues around campus. If you need tram services, you will need to be seen at the Student Health Center to complete a Medical Documentation Verification Form.