The Wellbeing Map

Parents/Families                                                                                                                                                                          Staff/Faculty

Student Health and Wellbeing services would like to introduce, The Wellbeing Map. The Interactive Wellbeing Map is a tool to help students in making connections, finding community, and building a healthier life at Cal Poly Humboldt. Health is not a linear process, there is no start or end on our journey to building positive relationships to our body & community. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need tools and resources to guide us.

The Map is broken into different topic areas:

  • Health & Identity
  • Physical Health
  • Sexual Health & Consent
  • Adulting Skills and Developing Resilience
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Mental Health
  • Health & Wellbeing Services 101
  • Relationships & Belonging
  • Food, Nutrition, & Housing

 Each topic area is a map to get you connected to the resources students need to be successful at Humboldt.  


The Wellbeing Map Key:

EventsCampus-wide events that relate to the topic

Physical locations and offices on campus that you can visit for more info

CIYChoose It Yourself (C.I.Y.) Health Education Workshops that you can sign up for, request for your group of friends/club/organization, or do one-on-one with a Peer Health Educator.
Other ResourcesWays that you can organize, create, or volunteer to help health education happen on campus
Get InvolvedOnline, off campus, or other resources we think you might like to use

Choose It Yourself (CIY) Health Education Skill Shops

The Wellbeing Map features Choose It Yourself (C.I.Y) Health & Wellbeing Presentations that students can sign up for through the Library Skill Shops.

The CIY Skill Shops are evidence based short health education sessions created by student Peer Health Educators (PHEs) with expert oversight to ensure the right information is presented in an approachable manner. All sessions have been created by students for students in conjunction with medical professionals, therapists, and or faculty on campus. They utilize the tools of activated health education, growth mindset, social psychological interventions, and advocacy based health education in order to empower students to be proactive about their health and wellbeing.

It is important to give students factual and relevant information about their bodies and wellbeing, however it is even more impactful to give them the tools to make changes in their outlook and build communiy connections inorder to affect their mindset. This is the goal of the CIY Skill Shops. Click here to learn more about growth vs fixed mindset.

The CIY Skill Shops cover a variety of topics including:

Click here for a detailed list

  • Health & Wellbeing Services 101
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Sexual Health
  • Friendships/Romantic Relationships
  • Relationship to Food/Body
  • Motivation
  • Making Friends
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Sleep
  • Trouble Relaxing
  • Financial Wellness


For Parents and Families 

We know it can be incredibly difficult sending your child to college. Parents and families of Humboldt students are often the first people to hear about student's struggles with homesickness, stress, and trouble adjusting. The Interactive Wellbeing Map is built using the campus education tool, Canvas, the same tool that all Humboldt classes use. This means it is very easy for students to access and navigate. Students who use it for the first time are encouraged to take a quiz to determine what information they are looking for. 

One of the best things a parent of family member can do is refer a student to the Wellbeing Map. We want all Humboldt students to fell welcomed, safe, and like they belong at Humboldt and we hope this tool can help.

If you have anymore questions please email


For Staff & Faculty

It can be difficult to support students who are struggling, and even harder, sometimes, to find the information to refer a student in need. We created the Interactive Wellbeing Map as a way for students to get access to the health and wellbeing resources they desperately need. The Wellbeing Map features an interactive quiz for students who don't know what resources they are looking for. Staff and faculty can also explore the map.

The Map has been created using the technology used in our classrooms, Canvas. This allows all professors the ability to easily add The Wellbeing Map directly to their syllabus. Peer Health Educators can also do in class presentations about how to use the Wellbeing Map and other Health Education topics. If you are interested in adding the Wellbeing Map to your Canvas site, or in a classroom presentation, please email the Health Educator, Ravin Craig