The proposed health fee would increase the amount each student pays each semester. For many students, financial aid will cover some of this cost.

There are two key options students have suggested for the proposed Health Operations Fee adjustment:

  • increase the health operations fee per semester by $93 all at once in Fall 2018; or 
  • increase per semester by $28 in Fall 2018, $30 in Fall 2019, and $35 in fall 2020 ($93 total stepped over three years).

Their are also two options for the proposed Health Facilities Fee adjustment:

  • increase to $78 beginning in Fall 2018 to create a new Health and Wellbeing facility in conjunction with campus housing that would add more medical and counseling services, expanded food pantry, and hundreds of new residence spaces for students; or
  • $66 per semester to repair and add necessary space to the existing building.

Both the health facilities and health operations fee would increase annually by the Milliman Medical Index, beginning Fall 2019.

The Student Fee Advisory Committee has supported an open consultation process to help decide the best way to adjust the health fees and how increased funding would be prioritized to best support the campus community. That is why your feedback is so important. Please comment using the form on this site’s homepage, attend open forums, and participate in the National College Health Association survey beginning Feb. 19.